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Maple Leaf Medical Pharmacy is an independent, family-owned and operated community pharmacy located in downtown Toronto. With a focus on PreP, HIV and Hepatitis C therapy, our specialized pharmacists ensure a personalized pharmacy experience. Having been in business for over 20 years, we pride ourselves on building long and fulfilling relationships with our customers and providing the best possible medical care. As we are located in one of the top infections disease clinics, our staff are highly trained and knowledgeable in antiviral therapy with confidentiality being our top priority.

Whether you have a question or need help with a treatment regimen, give us a call or come in today to speak with our experienced staff!



Here at Maple Leaf Pharmacy, we specialize in HIV information and antiviral treatment. For many, we have been the go to pharmacy for support and the most up to date information. These speciality medications, which are difficult to access at times,  are always in stock and ready for you!

For more information, visit our HIV/HEP C Education page.



Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis used for HIV prevention

  • ONE PILL A DAY is all it takes.
  • FREE for OHIP+ (age 24 & under), ODSP & seniors under OHIP
  • Covered through Ontario Trillium program & majority of insurers



There are many perks to being part of the Maple Leaf Pharmacy family. We offer:

  • Financial Assistance for many plans and medications
  • Accessibility to programs to help alleviate the burden of co-pays / deductibles
  • Waive $2 co-pay for government drug cards, senior clients, and Trillium!
  • Help to establish coverage & applying for special authorizations



OH CANADA!!! We offer FREE delivery anywhere in the GTA. Additionally, we offer FREE Nationwide delivery for all HIV medications.That’s how much we care for your health! Most discrete packages are delivered within 1 day so you don’t need to stress about your medications. Leave that to us!


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Featured Testimonials

What are our customers saying?

I have been filling my medications at MLMP for over 10 years. Their staff have truly taken care of me and my medications. Even when I was out of medications and in Vancouver for a business trip, they had my prescription couriered to me so I never miss a dose! Their friendly and compassionate service truly make this pharmacy one of a kind. I would never trust anyone else with my medications!
I have been struggling with my illness for years due to the stress of dealing with several doctors and specialists. Before I came to MLMP, I had problems keeping up with my medications and had been hospitalized because of interactions. The MLMP staff spoke with my doctors to help prevent some of the previous complications and arranged for blister packs to be delivered to my house regularly. I have previously bounced from one pharmacy to the other but I have finally found the one that suits me. All the pharmacists and staff remember me personally and take an interest in my well being.
“MLMP has been a great support to my health for the last 5 years. Their staff are all very friendly and know me by name. They always take the time to help me understand my medications and to listen to my problems. Even when I had financial problems, they took care of me and helped me pass that phase in my life. Great team!”