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Our mission at Maple Leaf is to optimize your health through our absolute devotion to clinical excellence.

01. Personalized Experience

Our dedicated team has been building personal and confidential relationships with all our customers to meet every unique need.

02. Clinical Excellence

Our team provides you with ultimate support and the most up-to-date education.  And because of our specific location, our relationship with Maple Leaf Clinic allows for us to provide the utmost care.

03. Outstanding Customer Service

We deliver the ultimate in customer service through our compassion, value and confidentiality.

Proven Success

Who are we? 

Maple Leaf Medical Pharmacy is an independent, family-owned and operated community pharmacy located in downtown Toronto. With a focus on PreP, HIV and Hepatitis C therapy, our specialized pharmacists ensure a personalized pharmacy experience. Having been in business for over 20 years, we pride ourselves on building long and fulfilling relationships with our customers and providing the best possible medical care. As we are located in one of the top infections disease clinics, our staff are highly trained and knowledgeable in antiviral therapy with confidentiality being our top priority.

Whether you have a question or need help with a treatment regimen, give us a call or come in today to speak with our experienced staff!


A Team Of Professionals



Meet Karam! He is the head pharmacist and owner at Maple Leaf Pharmacy. Karam has been rooted in the community since 2000 when he opened the very first HIV specialized independent pharmacy in Toronto. Since then, he has been building personal and confidential relationships with all our customers. Those who know Karam, know him for his sociability, patience, kindness and knowledge.



Meet Mariam! She also is a pharm. D. graduate. Her experiences include working and studying under a number of very talented HIV specialists. Additionally, she has taken continuing education courses in smoking cessation to better assist clients who are eager to quit and need the support.



Meet Mina! He is a Pharm. D. graduate who has had the opportunity to work and gain experience from numerous settings including community, retail and hospital. His experiences include HIV treatment and oncology as he has worked under a number of specialists in those fields. His friendliness and knowledge are amongst one of his top qualities as a pharmacist.


Community Involvement

Here at Maple Leaf Pharmacy, we know the importance of developing new HIV medications and ultimately, a cure. Because of this, we will donate 10% of all over the counter sales to HIV research and organizations. If we do not carry something you need, we will be more than happy to have a staff member order.

You can also order online here and your order will be ready for pick up at our store.

So come support your community!

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